Portland Gear is establishing itself as the apparel brand of Portland, yet it's threads are woven from history only the locals would know. 

Solution: Create an experience for people to see Portland Gear not just as a fashion line but as a physical manifestation of the city.


Media Placement: 
Billboards will be strategically placed throughout the city in each district, matching the artwork to the structure's location. 

Phone App:
Portland Gear's DTE app will be a geocaching hunt that allows users to discover iconic foundations within each of the 12 districts throughout Portland. The app includes hints on how/where to find stickers with QR codes located on them. Once scanned, it will point you in the next location and highlight local restaurants nearby, bringing in a sense of community. 


Limited Edition T-shirts:
As a reward for unlocking each district in the app, Portland Gear would hook you up with a fresh tee designed by local artisans. 

Art Director: Me

Strategist: Alex White

Writer: Taylor Wood